Enjoy! is:

Chris Soltis: Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, Vocals
Lou Donovan: Drums
Brendan Brophy: Vocals, Guitar, Piano
John Soltis: Bass, Mandolin, Vocals

Voted #1 Cover Band by the readers of Night & Day Magazine, enjoy! is one of the hottest cover bands in the Monmouth County area. Great classics and newer tune library.

contact info:
John Soltis 908.507.5622
Chris Soltis 908.577.0204


Porta National Park
911 Kingsley St
Asbury Park, NJ 732.776.7661

The Boathouse
1309 Main Street
Belmar, NJ 732.681.5221

Wharfside Patio Bar
101 Channel Drive
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 732.892.9100

9th Ave. Pier
905 Route 35
Belmar, NJ 732.892.9100

Anchor Tavern
713 Main St
Belmar, NJ 732.280.2266

St. Stephen's Green Publick House
2031 Highway 71
Spring Lake Heights, NJ 732.449.2626

Spring Lake Tap House
810 Highway 71
Spring Lake Heights, NJ 732.282.1530

The Stone Pony
913 Ocean Ave.
Asbury Park, NJ 732.502.0600

The Wonder Bar
1213 Ocean Ave.
Asbury Park, NJ 732.502.8886

The Anchor's Bend
1300 Ocean Ave (within historic Convention Hall)
Asbury Park, NJ 732.455.8500

The Columns
601 Ocean Ave.
Avon-By-The-Sea, NJ 732.988.3213

Norwood Inn
618 2nd Ave.
Avon-By-The-Sea, NJ 732.775.3900

Manasquan Beach House
390 Main Street
Manasquan, NJ 732.528.5666

Kilkenny House
112 South Ave. East
Cranford, NJ 908.276.3414

Riverside Inn
56 North Avenue East
Cranford, NJ 908.709.9449

Frenchy's Bar & Grill
545 W Westfield Ave
Roselle Park, NJ 908.245.5844

River Rock Restaurant & Marina Bar
1600 Route 70W
Brick, NJ 732.840.1110

Brielle Ale House
601 Union Ave.
Brielle, NJ 732-722.8825

Teak Restaurant
64 Monmouth St.
Red Bank, NJ 732.747.5775

Harpoon Willy's
2655 River Rd.
Manasquan, NJ 732.223.8880

Stage House Tavern
366 Park Ave.
Scotch Plains, NJ 908.322.4224

Spring Lake Golf Club
901 Warren Ave.
Spring Lake, NJ 732.449.8100

Manasquan River Golf Club
843 Riverview Dr.
Brielle, NJ 732.528.6500

Waypoint 622
622 Green Ave.
Brielle, NJ 732.528.6665


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Shows start @ 10pm unless noted.
*brendan acoustic
**chris & brendan acoustic
***john, chris & brendan acoustic
# with Shoheen Owhady on keys

 // MAY 2017 
25th Thursday - Anchor's Bend - Brooklyn Brewery Party 6PM
26th Friday - Reef & Barrel
27th Saturday - 9th Ave Pier** 2PM
27th Saturday - Waypoint 622 6PM
28th Sunday - Spring Lake Tap House

 // JUNE 2017 
1st Thursday - Harpoon Willy's* 9PM
2nd Friday - River Rock 6PM
3rd Saturday - 9th Ave Pier** 2PM
3rd Saturday - Marina Bar & Grille
4th Sunday - Porta 4PM
7th Wednesday - Boathouse**
8th Thursday - Parker House - Sea Girt PTA Fundraiser 6PM
9th Friday - Patio Bar 6PM
10th Saturday - Spring Lake Golf Club 7PM
11th Sunday - Porta 4PM
14th Wednesday - The Columns*** 6PM
15th Thursday - York Street Benefit - Jersey City, NJ 6PM
16th Friday - Brielle Ale House
17th Saturday - Sailor Trading 7PM
18th Sunday - Porta 4PM
21st Wednesday - Boathouse**
22nd Thursday - JOTS @ Anchor's Bend** 6PM
22nd Thursday - Harpoon Willy's* 9PM
23rd Friday - Reef & Barrel
24th Saturday - Wedding
25th Sunday - Porta 4PM
26th Monday - Patio Bar 6PM
28th Wednesday - Parker House*** 6PM
29th Thursday - JOTS @ Anchor's Bend** 6PM
29th Thursday - Harpoon Willy's* 9PM
30th Friday - Porta 6PM

 // JULY 2017 
1st Saturday - 9th Ave Pier** 2PM
1st Saturday - Porta 6PM
2nd Sunday - Spring Lake Tap House
4th Tuesday - Private Party - Cranford, NJ 4PM
5th Wednesday - Parker House*** 6PM
5th Wednesday - Boathouse**
6th Thursday - JOTS @ Anchor's Bend** 6PM
6th Thursday - Manasquan Beach 7PM
7th Friday - Patio Bar 6PM
8th Saturday - Seaside Yacht Club 7PM
9th Sunday - Porta 4PM
10th Monday - Patio Bar 6PM
12th Wednesday - Parker House*** 6PM
13th Thursday - JOTS @ Anchor's Bend** 6PM
13th Thursday - Harpoon Willy's* 9PM
14th Friday - Anchor's Tavern
15th Saturday - Seacrest Beach Club 7PM
16th Sunday - Porta 4PM
19th Wednesday - Parker House*** 6PM
19th Wednesday - Boathouse**
20th Thursday - JOTS @ Anchor's Bend** 6PM
21st Friday - Brielle Ale House
22nd Saturday - Patio Bar** 1PM
22nd Saturday - Manasquan Reunion Beach Cruise 6PM
23rd Sunday - Porta 4PM
24th Monday - Patio Bar 6PM
27th Thursday - JOTS @ Anchor's Bend** 6PM
27th Thursday - Harpoon Willy's* 9PM
28th Friday - Reef & Barrel
29th Saturday - Private Party - Brielle, NJ 4PM
29th Saturday - Boathouse
30th Sunday - Porta 4PM

 // AUGUST 2017 
1st Tuesday - Manasquan Fireman's Fair 6PM
2nd Wednesday - The Columns*** 6PM
2nd Wednesday - Boathouse**
3rd Thursday - JOTS @ Anchor's Bend** 6PM
3rd Thursday - St. Stephen's Green* 8PM
4th Friday - Patio Bar 6PM
5th Saturday - Private Party - Mantoloking, NJ 6PM
6th Sunday - Porta 4PM
7th Monday - Patio Bar 6PM
9th Wednesday - Parker House*** 6PM
10th Thursday - JOTS @ Anchor's Bend** 6PM
10th Thursday - Harpoon Willy's* 9PM
11th Friday - Marina Bar & Grille
12th Saturday - Private Party - Point Pleasant, NJ 3PM
13th Sunday - Patio Bar** 1PM
13th Sunday - Porta 5:30PM
16th Wednesday - Boathouse**
17th Thursday - JOTS @ Anchor's Bend** 6PM
17th Thursday - St. Stephen's Green* 8PM
18th Friday - Boathouse
19th Saturday - Wedding - Spring Lake, NJ
20th Sunday - Porta 4PM
21st Monday - Patio Bar 6PM
23rd Wednesday - Parker House*** 6PM
24th Thursday - JOTS @ Anchor's Bend** 6PM
24th Thursday - Harpoon Willy's* 9PM
25th Friday - Waypoint 622 6PM
26th Saturday - Brielle Ale House
27th Sunday - Porta 4PM
30th Wednesday - The Columns*** 6PM
31st Thursday - JOTS @ Anchor's Bend** 6PM
31st Thursday - St. Stephen's Green* 8PM

 // SEPTEMBER 2017 
1st Friday - Patio Bar 6PM
2nd Saturday - Wedding - Wall, NJ
3rd Sunday - Spring Lake Tap House


Now booking weddings for 2018

or contact the band for a quote on your wedding or other event:
John Soltis 908.507.5622

 // PRESS 

The Coast Star - January 1st, 2015

Night and Day Magazine - December 4th, 2014

Night and Day Magazine - May 22nd, 2014

The Coast Star - September 20th, 2012




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